Born in 1976 in Milicz. He currently lives in Wroclaw where he works as an architect. In parallel with the completion of his studies in the Faculty of Architecture at Wroclaw University of Technology he also graduated with distinction from the School of Advertising “Creo” in Wroclaw.
It was mainly architecture that shaped his graphic look at art. His painting is the result of many years of search, experiment with media and the use of different methods of expression. All these factors contributed to his present artistic output and helped him to establish his style and become recognizable. His creative activity, which is based on a combination of various media, has features of illustration and characters appearing in His pictures are woven in several stories. His works are exhibited in both traditional and online galleries. Thanks to artistic internet portals his creations can be presented at the same time in almost every corner of the world. He also creates press and book illustrations.