*Misza i Grisza ratują świat*
* Misha and Grisha save the world *
A new book about the adventures of bear and bees.
At the beginning was a painting under the titled „Misha and Grisha”. I thought that could be write a book about the adventures of two friends. I asked for it my friend Anna Stasiak who agreed to help me. So it became a book released by Tashka.
Usually my pictures are the paintings or graphics, but this time I was building all the scenography and then I photographed it.
For the construction of characters and scenes I tried to use mainly recycled stuff.
I invite you to profile dedicated to Misha and Grisha.
Author: Anna Stasiak
Illustrations: Robert Romanowicz
Publisher: Tashka, 2015
ISBN: 978-83-64634-06-2
Volume: 22 pages + cover